Make Right Choice Of Vacuum Sealer To Protect And Preserve Food

beef chicken and salmon in vacuum plastic bag

Vacuum sealer is nowadays a well-known word, but even now there are some confusions about it. Most of the people do not know about it perfectly. They mix up it with the vacuum cleaner. It is to clear the people that, vacuum sealer is used for food preservation. There are some important aspects, need to know before purchasing a vacuum sealer.

Vacuum sealers are used for perfect packaging of food preservation for a long time. The grocery stores use this method as usual. You can preserve meats, nuts, cheese, coffee, cereals, smoked fish crisps etc. It may also be used to preserve such food like vegetables, liquids or fresh foods.

The aspects need to think before purchasing a vacuum sealer machine may like,

  • The purpose of its use, personal or industrial use.
  • How long do you want to preserve the food
  • What kind of food do you want to preserve
  • What material will you use for packing food? Plastic bag, or plastic box or zip-lock bag or tin.

Considering all of the aspects, you will have to select your vacuum sealer. You can only meet the purpose of using vacuum sealer by making a right choice of the sealer type.

Types of Vacuum Sealer Machine: 

It is very easy to preserve food using the vacuum sealer. The sealers are very easy to handle and also low maintenance. There are mainly two types of vacuum sealer, which are used usually.

  • External vacuum sealer.
  • Chamber vacuum sealers.

Both are used for removing the air, but they have different purposes to use. Before purchasing a vacuum sealer, think about your purpose to use, and then take a right type of vacuum sealer.

♦ External vacuum sealer

External sealers are mostly seen on the TV and in the departmental stores. Those are for home use. But all external sealers are not used at home. Some of them are designed for industrial use also.

FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System

FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System

Use of external sealer: Just two steps to use an external sealer.

Step 1: Insert your food in a plastic bag and keep the end of the bag open.

Step 2: Use the sealer to remove all the inside air and seal the open end.

External sealers cannot be used with some products like, chips, crisps. There happens problem to extract the air with such type of products. So, make your right choice of vacuum sealer regarding to your purpose.

♦ Chamber vacuum sealers

Chamber vacuum sealers are generally used for industrial purpose. It is the common machine for the large amount industrial packaging. Though the packaging process is different, there also have the use of bags.

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The process of the chamber sealer is,

  • After inserting the products in a bag, it is placed in the chamber of the sealer, keeping the end of the packet open.
  • Then the hood of the chamber is pooled down. On that time, the 99.9% air is removed from the packet
  • After extracting the air, the chamber sealer seals the open end of the packet.
  • It needs to take some time to return back the inner atmosphere to normal. After then the packet is ready for storage or sell.

With the chamber sealing machine, replacement of air, with inert gas also can be done. The removed air can also be adjusted with the inert gas, how much you need.

Vacuum sealer may benefits you by its service of preserving and protecting food. A vacuum sealer can make your life easier. Those are very easy to use. But making a proper choice depending on purpose is very necessary. Otherwise your purchased sealer may keep unused.

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